Hot Mezza

Hoummos Chawarma
Puree of chickpeas topped with sliced marinated lamb
Hommos Sujok
Hommos toped with Armenian sausages.
Lebanese bread filled with seasoned minced lamb charcoal grilled.
Lebanese bread filled with halloumi cheese, charcoal grilled.
Lamb or Cheese Sambousik
Minced lamb or white cheese mixture stuffed in a handmade dough.
Spinach Fatayer or Lamb Sfiha
Spinach or Lamb mixture stuffed in a handmade dough.
Lamb & cracked wheat shell filled with seasoned minced lamb & pine kernels.
Beans croquettes chickpeas, garlic& sesame oil.
Halloumi Cheese
Cypriot cheese served grilled
Armenian spicy sausages cooked in tomato sauce.
Sojok with Eggs
Bean croquettes chickpeas, garlic and sesame oil
Chicken wings marinated in lemon& garlic, charcoal grilled.
Foul Moudammas
Fava beans simmered in tomato, garlic and olive oil
Spicy Potato
Potatoes diced and cooked with coriander and spices