Hot Mezza

Hoummos Chawarma
Puree of chickpeas topped with sliced marinated lamb
Lebanese bread filled with seasoned minced lamb charcoal grilled
Small Lebanese pizza, seasoned minced lamb, tomato, onions and pine kernels
Lamb Sambousik
Lamb rissole with pine kernels
Lamb and cracked wheat shell filled with seasoned minced lamb and pine kernels
lebanese spicy sausages cooked with tomato and garlic
Sojok with Eggs
Spicy sausages served with eggs
Chicken wings marinated in lemon and garlic, charcoal grilled
Grilled Kellaj
Lebanese bread filled with halloumi cheese, charcoal grilled
Halloumi Cheese
Cypriot cheese served grilled
Cheese Sambousik
Deep-fried cheese rissole pastry with herbs
Bean croquettes chickpeas, garlic and sesame oil
Baked spinach in pastry nuts
Foul Moudammas
Fava beans simmered in tomato, garlic and olive oil
Spicy Potato
Potatoes diced and cooked with coriander and spices


Mezze is the crown of the Lebanese food, it is an array of small dishes placed before the guests creating an array of colors, flavors, textures and aromas, which is similar to Tapas of Spain.

Mezze may be as simple as pickled vegetables or raw vegetables, hummus, baba ghanouj and bread, or it may become an entire meal consisting of grilled marinated seafood, skewered meats, a variety of cooked and raw salads and an arrangement of desserts.